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Singapore Incorporation

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Company Incorporation & Company Formation

Singapore Incorporation requirement

  • At least one local director who has to be a Singaporean, or Singapore PR, or Singapore employment pass holder;
  • At least one shareholder, you do not need a Singaporean for a shareholder.
  • Minimum paid up capital is S$1
  • Incorporation time ranges approximately within a day
  • We will act as your company secretary.

Information required for Company Incorporation

  1. Name of company
  2. Business activities
  3. Paid up share capital
  4. Company registered address
  5. Particular of Directors and shareholders
    • Full name as in passport
    • Local corresponding address
    • Overseas address, if any
    • Nationality
    • Identity card No and expiry date
    • Passport No. and expiry date
    • Personal contact (including mobile, home and office number, fax and email address)
    • Number of shares issued to each shareholders

We require a copy of their passport and identity card for our record and verification

Singapore Company Incorporation Package – $700 (Normally $900)

  • Professional service for name application and incorporation
  • Government registration fee
  • Government filing fees for reservation of 1 company name
  • Share certificates
  • Minute book & statutory registers
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Opening of first bank account excluding transportation
  • Company profile, courier and other miscellaneous expenses

Advantages of Company Incorporation in Singapore

  • Protection of personal assets and limiting your company and personal liabilities
  • Substantial tax saving as new companies may be entitled to full tax exemption for first $100K taxable profit or partial tax exemption up to first $300,000 taxable profit. Effective tax rate is less than 9%.
  • Exemption of audit requirement for private exempt company and company with turnover of less than $5 million
  • Easier access to capital funding through the sale of shares to investors and borrowing from banks
  • Singapore as a whole is ranked AAA, and  besides that, local institutions and companies are also highly rated by S&P