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Learn Chinese to Have Lasting Relationships With Your Chinese Business Partners

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China is a traditional as well as a modern country that is attracting millions of visitors each year. Majority of them come to China on business when others come as tourists. When you want to visit China and mingle with local people it will be easy if you learn Chinese before visiting China. Chinese people like their language and culture very much and they will greatly appreciate if you can speak with them in their language. In the present days with many resources available on the Internet it is easy to learn Chinese. Chinese language exists in different formats called as dialects and though some of them very similar others are vastly different.

China is a very big Industrial power now and it is visited by thousands of business people who come to China to do business. It will be much easier for them if they have taken the efforts to learn Chinese, as most of the last generation Chinese business people are not so comfortable with English. In such cases you have to search and engage suitable interpreters to get along with your Chinese counterparts. But if you plan to do business with Chinese companies over a long time then it is best to learn the Chinese language that will be rewarding you in more than one way.

The Chinese language exists in various formats in different parts of the Country and these are called as dialects, and though most of them look and mean similar many of them have vast differences. So it is very important for a person to know which dialect he wants to get familiar with before going to learn Chinese language. The Mandarin is the standard dialect and this is the one used by a majority of the Chinese people. The Beijing Chinese and the Singapore Chinese are best examples of the mandarin Chinese.

The mandarin and Cantonese are altogether different Chinese dialects and will seem to be different languages as there is a vast difference in their structure and usage. The next important thing is to decide if you want to learn Chinese to speak or to learn written Chinese also. The Chinese characters are unique and they may look overwhelming for a beginner to learn these characters. There are two forms of Chinese characters and they are the traditional and simplified Chinese characters. The simplified Chinese is very simple and easy to learn than the traditional Chinese.

For a person to learn Chinese it all depends how much time he is spending and the level of proficiency he wants to achieve. But in the normal circumstances you can learn Chinese in about 6 months time with about an hours study each day. So learn Chinese and attract your Chinese partners with your skill in their language.

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Author: Edyta Zabielska
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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