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Singapore Luge and Bungy

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Singapore is a fast city with many people bustling about trying to get on with the business of the day. There is a lot of movement and lights along the skyline. It is a great city to bring the kids as well with lots of thrill seeking action to experience. Many of these thrills are happening on Sentosa Island. The Sentosa Luge and Skyride are great place to start some fun adventures. They have a controllable toboggan that heads down a long track with out any motor power. There is steering and brakes which give the rider a chance to go as fast as they want and not hit any thing along the way. Also in the park there is the Skyride. This is a more leisurely ride that takes you up above the trees for a spectacular view. Both of these rides are even more thrilling at night with the lights lit up.

The G-Max Reverse Bungy and the GX-5 Extreme Swing are going to take your heart rate to another level. This is for some serious thrills. There are a few of these setups around the world and while visiting Singapore, visitors can jump into the hot seat and go for a great ride. The G-Max shoots people 195 feet up into the air traveling at about 124 miles and hour. The GX-5 Swing falls from 164 feet and goes about 75 miles an hour. There is no reason to panic however because these rides have a perfect safety record and are run by a well trained staff. It is also fun to see and experience at night because they have it all light up along with the bright city skyline in the distance.

When the adrenaline is maxed out take your family over to the Singapore Flyer. It is going to slow things down a little bit but it will still leave you breathless. Great for the whole family, perfect for groups sharing a special occasion and new lovers having a first kiss. This could be paired up with a great meal at one of the many Singapore restaurants and a nice stroll along the water front or a big bash at one of the hot dance clubs through out the city. Singapore has many thrilling spots and if you have a chance to see and experience them than you are one of the lucky ones. Put on your walking shoes and take this big city on.

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Author: Betty Alberson
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