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How Can a Virtual Office Help You Prosper in Business?

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The times are rough on everyone and if you're a budding entrepreneur, you need to consider the real estate slump worldwide and think wisely about investing in office space for your business. It's unwise to buy office space under the current conditions, because your investment will quickly lose value. It's equally inappropriate to spend on huge office rental space when you are unsure about the business potential. With all these to think about, a virtual office is perfect to save you money and still give you the prestige and integrity you need to operate a successful business.

Technically speaking, if you rent virtual office space, your office is wherever you are, no matter where you go. You can conduct business from every corner of the planet and still have a centralised address, call-answering services in your own company name and professional facilities to ensure your business has the status and value even the most high-end customers require.

Benefits of using a virtual office

  • You get a prestigious business address
  • It only costs you around 10-20% of the usual office space rent
  • Facilities include an individual postal address, telephone line with call-answering facilities, call forwarding and voice mail, use of hot desk/workstation facilities whenever you need them and much more
  • Highly convenient for small businesses and start-up companies
  • Lets you test the waters before investing heavily on your business

Where Can You Find The Best Virtual Office Addresses?

Virtual offices help you establish your business just about anywhere in the world. With the prevailing economic conditions, the region you choose will play a key role in ensuring you get plenty of business from your targeted clients. When you decide on a virtual office location, your business type/industry should be factored in too.

For instance, if you live in the United States and wish to operate an IT development business, you know it's not in your best interest to base your virtual office address in the United States itself. The IT industry is saturated with outsourcing and this fact alone should prompt you to base your virtual office in the Asian (India, China, Singapore etc) or the Middle Eastern & African (Dubai, Egypt, South Africa etc) region.

Currently, the best virtual office locations are in Dubai and Singapore, because these are cities with sophisticated IT and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as fantastic reputations as leading economies. What's more, the expatriate communities are large, the business potential is enormous and the access to a global clientele is guaranteed.

A British expatriate residing in Dubai, UAE, Inderjeet Dhillon is a successful entrepreneur owning a Dubai business consultancy practice involved in setting up Dubai businesses and providing Dubai virtual office [http://www.goebic.com/dubai-virtual-office.html] facilities.

Author: Inderjeet Dhillon
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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