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People who are interested in Singapore company incorporation can find out everything they need to know about the process of starting a business here. We are the ones able to help you during the process of incorporation and we can help you by providing the information and the documentation you need for opening a Singapore bank account. If you do not want to throw money away and if you do not want to spend too much time with papers, we can help you incorporate a new Singapore company fast and efficiently. You will be able to find on our website the answers to all of your questions about the timeline and the procedure needed to start your own business in Singapore. You have to know that the timeline might also depend on you too in some of the cases, because you will have to provide us with documentation. There are some special situations when there may be delays on some of the approval processes and these may take from two hours to two weeks, as it all depends on the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore. For Singapore company incorporation, there are recent changes that allow you to have a single director for the business you are setting up. Singapore also allows foreign directors, but there has to be one who should be a local resident person. You could easily become that person as long as your employment pass receives approval. If not, you can choose from a number of alternatives. In case you know somebody in Singapore you can rely on, you can name him or her to be the local director, or we can help you find a trustworthy person, capable to help you. To what concerns shareholders, Singapore company incorporation may belong 100% to a foreign person, so you will not have to worry about splitting what is yours with somebody else just because the law says so. In order to incorporate a company in Singapore, you will need a local company secretary that has to be qualified and professional. Moreover, you will need a local address for your Singapore company incorporation and a minimum paid-up capital of $1. As you can see, opening a business in Singapore is not so difficult, because the government has reviewed and changed the legislation to make everything easier for people who want to make an investment here. We are able to offer you the assistance you need for documentation and the stages needed in starting business investment in Singapore. After incorporating your company, you might also want to open a Singapore bank account. We can assist you in doing this, too. Moreover, thanks to the close relationship we have with some of the banks here, you might not need to visit Singapore in order to sign the papers. You are free to choose any bank you want from the ones operating here. Some of them are international banks that you might know from your own country. Some of the banks will ask you to be present when signing the papers for your Singapore bank account and this has a direct connection to the time it will take for the opening process: from one day to a few weeks. You should also know that opening a Singapore bank account is possible only after incorporating your company here, not before. You will be able to have a multi-currency account because some of the banks do offer this kind of service, or you could choose to open different accounts for every currency. Once you have a Singapore bank account, you will be able to move your funds freely between Singapore and your home country as there are no restrictions regarding this aspect. As you can see, we can give you a hand with your Singapore company incorporation, but we can also provide you the documentation needed for opening your Singapore bank account, because we know you need a hand when engaging in business investment in Singapore. If you want to set up a new business, we are the ones capable to help you with your Singapore company incorporation. You will find on our website the answers to all of your questions. You can also find out more about setting up a Singapore bank account and about the documentation needed.