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Name That Complies With ACRA Company Registration Standards

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How To Choose A Business Name That Complies With ACRA Company Registration Standards

Singapore is a host country to many single proprietorship and private limited companies. Owing to Singapore government's cultivation of a pro-business environment, start-up businesses owned by first-time entrepreneurs do not face the daunting task of complying with the Singapore Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, or ACRA company registration requirements. ACRA is the national regulator of businesses and the accountancy profession in Singapore. Fulfilling ACRA company registration requirements is the first step to establishing your own business in this country of limitless opportunities. There are primarily two (2) requirements to be fulfilled: the first is to register a business name that does not conflict with an already existing business name according to ACRA's BizFile, and the second is to apply for incorporation. In choosing a business name, companies should also check if the name chosen requires to be referred to the right government agency in Singapore. For example, a company registering a school is referred to the Ministry of Education. A company opening a chiropractic clinic is referred to the Ministry of Health. Also there are business names that the Minister has already reserved and instructed ACRA to not accept for registration. While trying to appeal to a mass number of potential customers, using vulgarity or obscene expression in the business name is definitely not acceptable. It is recommended to think of a business name that instantly and clearly speaks of the nature of the business being set up. While not a clear-cut ACRA company registration standard, it will definitely help the business develop and succeed with effective brand marketing. As many as there are companies currently registered in Singapore, a green horn entrepreneur may feel overwhelmed about where to start. ACRA company registration requirements are streamlined. But if one is wondering where to get further help, then corporate secretarial and business registration companies can provide expert assistance