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Singapore Global Investor Programme “GIP” Gateway to Investors Paradise

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Singapore is evolving into an entrepreneurs Mecca, proximately located to the emerging Asia, ever expanding free trade area, converging ASEAN, efficient infrastructure are not the only reasons but the governmental policies that favor the entrepreneurs and investors alike. Global Investors Programme administered by the Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB) is one such one which attempts to ease the entry and of relocation investors, to enable them to setup and develop their business. After its launch this programme has attracted thousands of investors into Singapore.

The success of the Global Investor Programme can be attributed to great teamwork. What started out as an internal EDB objective to review its entrepreneurship programme, became an interagency collaborative effort to develop a holistic programme that caters to global investors in terms of our entry policy for foreigners interested in doing business here.

The GIP eases the way for foreign investors, entrepreneurs and business executives to set up and conduct businesses in Singapore. EDB will provide assistance in linking up foreign entrepreneurs and investors with local business networks, thus opening up more opportunities for business collaborations. This Programme comprises of four key schemes offering a range of immigration options for the investors, entrepreneurs, and business executives.

1. Permanent Residence for Investors
2. Multiple Journey visa
3. Social Visit Pass for Entrepreneurs
4. Entrepass

Permanent Residence for Investors: Under this scheme investors can seek permanent Residence status in Singapore and will be qualified if he/ she

o Invest at least S$1 million in a new business startup or expansion of an existing business operation or
o Invest at least S$1.5 million in a new business startup, expansion of an existing operation, approved Singapore-incorporated venture capital fund or Singapore-incorporated foundation or trust that focuses on economic development or
o Invest at least S$2 million in a new business startup, expansion of an existing operation, approved Singapore-incorporated venture capital fund or Singapore-incorporated foundation or trust that focuses on economic development. Residential property can be purchased with not more than 50% of the investment amount.

Other investment vehicles such as venture capital funds, foundations or trusts, and/or private residential properties will be considered for application for Permanent Resident applications. Up to 50% of the investment can be in private residential properties, subject to foreign ownership restrictions under the Residential Property Act (RPA).

Multiple Journey visa facilitates the frequent entry of business executives from visa-requiring countries into Singapore. Multiple visits, each lasting up to 30 days, are allowed during the validity period of the visa which may be for 1,2 or 5 year depending on the prevailing ICA's guidelines. The application has to be submitted along with a Letter of Introduction from a Singapore Registered company. This eliminates the Visa application for each visit. This will be of immense relief to investors who have to travel frequently to Singapore to attend to their business and investments.

Social Visit Pass for Entrepreneurs enables an applicant to stay in Singapore for 6 months, to explore business opportunities, conduct feasibility studies or complete negotiations. During the validity period the holder can leave and reenter Singapore without any hassle. The application for the SVP has to be furnished along with a support letter from the EDB.

To obtain a Letter of Support from the EDB the applicant has to provide an overview of the business indicating Objective of your stay, area of business interest, Preliminary business idea, Target market, Development strategy & proposed timeline, Track record of previous business ventures ,if any, Relevant skills & work experiences. It normally takes 5 days for the letter of support to be issued by the EDB while the SVP will be issued by the ICA quite immediately on the day of submitting the application or on the following day.

EntrePass is designed to facilitate the entry and stay of entrepreneurs in Singapore to directly manage the business operations, and comes with an initial validity period of up to 2 years. It is renewable as long as the business remains viable and lucrative. The EntrePass also allows the applicant's immediate family to live in Singapore while the successful applicants start and grow their business here. With the EntrePass a person can leave and re-enter Singapore frequently with ease. The lucrative nature of business and efficacy of the business plan are the primary criteria for the Entrepass. Normally it takes around six weeks to know the outcome of the application.

Ms. Ragini Dhanvantray CEO of Rikvin consultancy offering a comprehensive Business Migration service for investors and entrepreneurs says "Singapore is emerging as the hub of Asia for almost all industry, offers the best quality of life and a safe option for investing. With assured return on investment investors and business men are keen to enter and explore the opportunity that this city state has to offer, and government facilitates such aspirants with focused programmes like the GIP. The overwhelming enquiries from the overseas investors ever since the launch of the programme has been growing in leaps and bounds and we are offering a full suit of service to such clients".

Please visit for more information on moving to or setting up your Company in Singapore. If you are interested in the application of Singapore EntrePass to relocate to Singapore, contact us at info@rikvin.com.

Author: John Rikvin
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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