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In every country, the designated agencies regulate the process of company formation. In the UK, the Company House or Companies House is the agency responsible for setting up and registering new companies.

You might be a first-time entrepreneur wishing to start a new company in the UK, or you might already be running a company elsewhere and want to go offshore by establishing a branch in the UK. In both cases, you need to register your company with this company formation agency.

Relevance of the Company House

The Company House is an executive agency of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. It is responsible for registering all limited companies in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Every year, 300, 000 companies are set up in the UK. Also, more than 2 million limited companies have been registered with this agency so far.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Company House

One of the primary functions of the agency includes incorporating and dissolving limited companies in the UK. The agency also serves as a repository of information on business laws, such as the various Companies Acts (including the Companies Act 2006, which is the latest in line). The agency also ensures that the relevant information reaches the general public. You can obtain company formation information published on the Companies House website or in paper format.

Role of Company House in Registering a New Company

The Company House, which plays a key role in registering new companies, is at the heart of all business activities in the UK. You can get the application form for company registration from this agency. After filling up the application form, it must be sent back to the agency along with the registration fee.

The agency maintains an index of the existing company names, which you must check before choosing your company name. The agency also registers the location of your company office and approves your appointed company directors and secretary.

Some important informational services of the Companies House include:

* Disqualified Directors Register: Gives you a list of disqualified directors.
* XBRL Validator: Checks if the data is suitable for electronic submission.
* XML Gateway: This allows you to procure data from the database of the agency.

The agency has designated certain company registration agents to aid the process of company formation for entrepreneurs. Agents like Company Formations 247 helps business owners in fulfilling their requirements for setting up a new business or company in the UK, as prescribed by the concerned authority.

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Author: Gardner Wilkinson
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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