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Singapore: Business Hub and Tourist Delight

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Singapore is one of the most unusual cities in Asia. Since its founding, the country has attracted the attention of millions of visitors from all over the world. Old colonial districts and ultra-modern skyscrapers, temples and green parks, busy shopping streets and one of the largest sea ports in the world are all concentrated on a relatively small area, forming a unique aura of the city-state. Major tourist attractions in Singapore are relatively evenly distributed all over the country.

The central part of Singapore is a famous business district and the administrative center of the city, its old colonial part, located slightly to the north. People say that the spirit of the city's founder, Sir Stamford Raffles, has preserved here. Other local attractions include the stunning Impress Place Building in the Victorian style, which now hosts a museum, art galleries and chic restaurants, the Concert Hall, Victoria Theatre, and the Parliament building. The Supreme Court, the City Hall and the cricket club, the luxurious Raffles Hotel, the Anglican Cathedral of St. Andrew, the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, the Armenian Church and the Christian cemetery. It is worth visiting one of the most beautiful buildings of the colonial era, the Institute of St. Joseph, the Singapore Art Museum, the National Museum at Stamford Road, the beautiful building of the City Hall, and numerous skyscrapers, such as Singapore Land Tower.

Orchard Road is the area of concentration of first-class hotels, shopping centers, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and concert halls. It might be the best place to demonstrate wealth and success of the local elite.

Not far from Orchard Road one will find Singapore's Botanical Gardens, the country's oldest park with pristine rain forests, a fine rosary, numerous examples of landscape art, a fern conservatory, and a picturesque lake. One of the gems of the Botanical Garden is the National Orchid Park, which contains more than 60 thousand of these beautiful plants in its territory.

Chinatown is the cultural heart of Singapore, known for its old architecture, numerous temples, ornate balconies and huge accumulation of markets and shops. One of the most beautiful mosques in the city is Al-Abrar, and the oldest Hindu temple in the city is Sri Mariamman.

The Muslim district of Singapore is a bustling shopping area, famous for its batik, silk, carpets, and light clothing. Here is the main city mosque, Masjid Sultan, with its golden dome, the old Serai market, Istana Kampong-Glam Palace, an unusual mosque with a falling minaret, and 'Thai Village'.

'Little India' district is a fairly modest but colorful area of shops, spicy flavors, colorful saris, bustling markets, great restaurants and of the Hindi language. The main attractions, apart from shops, are the Little India Arcade, the fifteen-meter statue of Buddha, the temple of Sri Srinivasa Perumal and the charming Temple of 1000 Lights.

There are a lot of parks in the city, and they not only decorate the city with greenery, but also contain a lot of cultural, entertainment or sports facilities. Singapore Zoo is a well-known sight on the tourist maps of the city. A characteristic feature of it is the complete absence of any fences around the habitats of animals, representing more than 2000 species. Planned with great skill, the zoo just protects the viewer from the animals with natural barriers.

The north-east part of the island is visited by those, who are interested in spacious beaches, clubs, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment facilities. Nearby islands are of great popularity, too. They are Sentosa Island with the tallest observation tower in Singapore, the Sky Tower, and numerous gardens with fountains, Ubin island, known for its colorful restaurants with sea cuisine, and the Southern Islands with good conditions for sailing and windsurfing, especially during the monsoon.

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Author: Michael Smallet
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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