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Interested in knowing about all that is going on in the business circuit of Singapore? Well then you have come to the right place. After all we excel in providing the best overview of Business in Singapore.

To understand the scenario, it is best that we be familiar with the economy of Singapore. The currency of Singapore is the Singapore Dollar (SGD). Economy of Singapore reflects a highly developed market along with being one of the top countries to enjoy the highest per capita GDP in the world. Singapore is particularly renowned for its high end products especially in the genres of chemicals and electronic goods. These industries together, account for a high percentage of the booming business in Singapore.

According to the Singapore Business Guide there are several agencies and institutes that offer assistance in terms of information and usable links to facilitate setting up of business in Singapore. One could visit these organizations in case one is interested in setting up business here, be it the native Singaporeans or even foreigners.

There are various categories in which one can comfortably set up business in Singapore. From the hospitality industry to the medical industry, from real estate to electronics and entertainment, one could explore all these genres and much more.

To establish business, it is imperative that one has fair idea of the markets in Singapore. There are vibrant markets in the city selling an array of items of various ranges and budget. While there are grand boutiques selling the latest in fashionable apparels and accessories, there are also the flea markets that offer a large selection of choices in the very inexpensive price range. Food lovers can visit the abundant wet markets to pick the choicest range of vegetables, fruits, fishes and poultry products. Some of the most popular markets in Singapore are: Chinatown, Arab Street, Little India and the up market Orchard Road.

So, with all these handy information, we hope it will be pleasurable and the effort worth it, for setting up business in Singapore.

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